at Tymeless Tattoo

Perhaps you’d like a body piercing? Our professional body piercer Veronnica “Ve” Volkman has 10 years of experience and strives for perfection with every piercing. She does her best to follow Association of Professional Piercer standards and to bring you the highest quality in both jewelry and experience. Whether you’re getting a new piercing or just want something a little more elegant, Ve is here to help you choose and install, or even custom order the forever piece of your dreams.

Body Piercer Veronnica “Ve” Volkman has been piercing for 10 years. She started her career in the greater Los Angeles area with a traditional apprenticeship under both body piercing and body modification experts. She has continued and grown her education by applying and staying updated on Association of Professional Piercers standards and practices. During her career she has had the pleasure of bouncing around some phenomenal studios such as Body and Soul Tattoo, Studio City Tattoo, Velvet Grip Tattoo and Artifact Tattoo and Body Piercing. Veronnica’s practice focuses on assessing your personal anatomy to ensure proper placement and healing, a gentle touch and sweet bedside manner, and an accurate understanding of both aftercare and aseptic, sterile technique. Whether you’ve finally mustered up the courage to get that new piercing, want to bring and old piercing back to life, treat yourself or even custom order a new breathe taking piece that no one will keep their eyes off, Veronnica is here to help with your every piercing need. “Piercing is one of the only things that has ever come natural to me. Everyone’s good at something, sports, drawing, the claw machine in the arcade. I found an inexplicable natural talent in piercing.” – Ve

Veronnica carries a wide selection of exclusively implant grade titanium, internally threaded body jewelry, as well as an ample selection of 18k and 14k solid gold options. Because what we’re putting in your body matters to us, we only use these high quality materials to guarantee they are hypoallergenic and safe to pierce with. Such jewelry is made in a way that it is proven to harbor less bacteria, hurt less to pierce with and accelerate your healing process. We can also custom order the piece of your dreams if you’re looking for something specific. For those of you who are brand specific, we carry companies such as Anatometal, Leroi Fine Jewelry, Quetzalli, and Sleeping Goddess. Curious about jewelry and piercing standards? Check out the Association of Professional Piercers for more details!