Tymeless Tattoo is Syracuse NY’s premiere tattoo studio! Our beautiful facility located in Baldwinsville NY is only minutes away from downtown Syracuse.

36 Oswego St, Baldwinsville, NY 13027 (315) 635-5481

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Tymeless Tattoo is Syracuse NY’s premiere tattoo studio!



Tymeless Tattoo offers the largest variety of tattoo styles in central NY. Our shop is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism while creating a piece of artwork that is uniquely yours. Walk-ins are always welcome and for large-scale pieces we have a tattoo artist just right for you. Take a look at our artists’ galleries to find the right artist to meet your style!



Janell June, our APP certified technical piercer, strives for perfection with every piercing. She has put together a very nice display of jewelry for you to choose from, whether you’re getting a new piercing, sizing up, or just want something a little more elegant. If we don’t have something in stock, it can be ordered for you.


Laser Removal

We understand that tattoos are a personal statement, but sometimes they don’t quite live up to expectations. That’s why our team of experienced removal specialists are here to help you get rid of the tattoo you no longer want or love.⁠ At Tymeless, we provide you with the most advanced technology in tattoo removal and top-notch customer service every step of the way.⁠


"Body piercings are a personal expression of one's style, and no two are alike."

Dave Navarro

"Piercing is an art form that expresses individuality."

FKA Twigs

"A piercing is like a secret between you and your body."


"There is something in the act of having tattoos done that I love. It can be addictive."

Lena Headey

Kyle Proia

Tattoo Artist/Owner

Kyle Proia is an award winning tattoo artist specializing in realistic/portrait work. Kyle has been a part of the Syracuse area tattoo scene for over 20 years now.

Todd Yoder

Tattoo Artist

Todd is an award winning, traveling traditional tattoo artist. He has 20 years of industry experience and over 10 years as a professional artist.

Jim Sidelinger

Tattoo Artist

Jim has been tattooing in the greater Central New York area for over 15 years. He has experience with many different styles of art and tattoos, however, he prefers to work with vibrant colors and bolds lines.

James Coldiron

Tattoo Artist

All my life I’ve been an artist. I was born with a paintbrush in one hand and a marker in the other. It was later in life that I applied my talent and skills to tattooing.

Shane Trevett

Tattoo Artist

Shane Trevett became a tattoo artist 10 years ago when he started his apprenticeship at The Shamens Den in Binghamton, NY under the guidance of Shawn Vanoven.

Sara Monster

Tattoo Artist

Sara Monster is a graduate of SUNY Potsdam with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a Concentration in oil painting. She has been tattooing for 9 years with a focus on B/G floral pieces, galaxy themed pieces, script work and small white ink tattoos.

Tom Ward III

Tattoo Artist

Tom has been an artist in the greater Syracuse area for over 25 years. Tom has mainly focused on graphic design, illustration and painting. Tom enjoys tattooing illustrative, color, eccentric and custom designs.

Joshua Heckert

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist At Tymeless Tattoo

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We’re here to help!

Please note our shop policy that all appointments will only be made with at least a $150 non refundable set up fee deposit! If you need to reschedule or change your tattoo idea we require a week notice phone call 315.635.5481 or you will forfeit your deposit. We also allow only one reschedule per set up fee deposit. If you choose to cancel your appointment you will forfeit your deposit. If you are working on a multiple session project, your set up fee deposit may be held until your final session.

Shop Hours

Piercing Hours

Tuesday – Friday / 12:00 – 4:00pm Walk-Ins
Appointment only: 5-5:45
*Deposits are required for evening appointments*

36 Oswego St, Baldwinsville, NY 13027

(315) 635-5481