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<h1 style="color:white;">The Tymeless Art Gallery</h1><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><p style="color:white;">Strategically located in the lobby of Tymeless Tattoo, our art gallery offers all different kinds of pieces displayed by local artists as well as our very own residential tattoo artists. In this warm and spacious atmosphere, where works of art hang from pallet wood walls, visitors and clients can appreciate the dynamics of every piece of art.</p>
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It's hard to put into words how amazing my experience was with Kyle. Not only is Kyle a great guy, the artwork he put on my arm is incredible. This tattoo of my beloved Jasper meant the world to me. I was in tears when I looked at it. His shop is impeccable and all of the artists there do excellent work. I'm looking forward to getting more ink there soon!

I just had my first session yesterday with Jim Sidelinger. He was very thorough, quick, and detail oriented! I am beyond satisfied with the work he did. I cannot wait to see what the finished product looks like... I'm sure it will be above and beyond my expectations!!! The shop itself is beautiful & clean. The staff is very nice. This is definitely my go to shop! Would highly recommend to a friend! You won't be disappointed!!!

I'm a long time customer of TT. I've been going here since I was LM and have always loved how wonderful all the staff has been. Today I took my mom in to get her first tattoo. She was so nervous and didn't know what to expect. Every single person she talked too made her feel at ease, relaxed, and ready. Thank you for not only treating me but my loved ones with such kindness. You guys made the drive from Long Island so worth it!!!

The shop is full of some of the best artists in the biz! Everyone is always so welcoming and make you feel at home. Most of my tattoos are done by Jamie Santos who is amazing! Seriously I will only get tattoos from Tymeless. I trust all of the artists there, hands down the best!

James Coldiron is by far the best tattoo artist I have ever had work on me..I have tattoos from LRRS before he was born and have had multiple artists over the years but none as creative and vibrant as his work. He is focused & attentive to what you want done and extremely worth the price he charges. Take it from someone who has seen and I have seen good and bad tattoos. You won't be disappointed.

#L Best tattoo shop I've ever seen hands down! Shout out to Eric Wilcox did a amazing job on revising my black panther tattoo, adding a background V it and hooking my girl up with our sons footprints! Amazing work, friendly, good artist and great shop atmosphere!

My cousin and I ( we got matching tats) had our first Tymeless experience a few days ago... and we couldn't be happier! Great environment, the guys are super nice... BIG thank you to Shane and Todd for the awesome job... I know I will be coming back for more!

Great shop and even better staff. TT has the best artists hands down. I encourage anyone looking for a great experience and quality work to check them out.

<h2 style="color:white;">Like what you see let us know!</h2>
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