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Eric Wilcox

Tattoo Artist

Sir Eric Wilcox began tattooing 14 years ago in Connecticut. He did his apprenticeship at Sailors and Saints and then spent the next 5 years at Flying Tiger in New Britain. Together, both of these shops have been known as the pinnacle of American traditional tattooing in CT and some of the best on the East Coast.

During his last few years at Flying Tiger, Eric began traveling and working with other artists that impressed him. He was a staple at Long Island NY's Super 88 and then the world famous Davinci tattoo in Wantagh, NY. He worked alongside Frank Romano and other great artists that have come to shape the face of tattooing today.

In 2013 Eric was offered a job at the world-renowned Tattoo Paradise in Washington DC. An article in the Washington times, being published in the flash book "Lost at Sea", and several other tattoo art publication spreads insured a very busy and successful DC career.

In 2015 Tattoo Paradise won "Best DC shop of the Year" and Eric was singularly mentioned in the article as a specific defining artist that determined the outcome.

In 2017 Eric decided to move back to where he grew up in upstate NY. Since he has been a long time friend and guest artist with the successful tattoo shop Tymeless, it seemed like the perfect place to continue his career.

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